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Predicting Buzz?
Buzz is a hard thing to predict. Many have tried, and so far most have argued that this is not quite possible – see for instance Salganik, Dodds and Watts’ Experimental Study of Inequality and Unpredictability in an Artificial Cultural Market. Yet a recent study by highly respected social graph researchers may indicate otherwise. In [...] Read more – ‘Predicting Buzz?’.
Unbundling Brands
Authors are no longer why you choose to read a piece, whether it be a book or an article. To be sure a book from J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter’s fame or an article from Glenn Greenwald of Snowden’s NSA leaks’ fame are still going to garner attention, eyeballs and sales, yet most of your [...] Read more – ‘Unbundling Brands’.
TEDx Talk – How do you go from lawyer to advertiser? You don’t…
… yet I started out as a lawyer and I am now an advertiser. So I’ve taken the time of a TEDx talk, at Centrale Nantes, to tell the story of the serendipitous path that’s gotten me from one to the other. If you’re willing to spend 20 minutes of your time, watch the talk. [...] Read more – ‘TEDx Talk – How do you go from lawyer to advertiser? You don’t…’.
Facebook Fatigue
To my friends. I have seen your pictures of landscapes. I have watched the ‘funny’ videos you have shared. I have observed your feet hanging by the pool. I have marveled at your babies’ pictures. I have laughed (or ‘LOLed’ in proper digital parlance) at your social jokes. I have liked and liked again what [...] Read more – ‘Facebook Fatigue’.
[fr] Les objets connectés ?
I’ve decided to depart from English, from time to time, on 148.io. The topics covered are still the same, so if you feel like reading it nonetheless, in spite of your lack of understanding of “la langue de Molière”, I suggest you use you know what… Un ancien (très bon) stagiaire, aujourd’hui étudiant dont je [...] Read more – ‘[fr] Les objets connectés ?’.

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